Artichoke Tapenade Recipe

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This condiment/spread/dip comes together quickly and easily – and tastes delicious. Tapenade can be altered to your taste – more olives, less olives, leave out the artichoke and add in some sun-dried tomatoes, add herbs or spices.

Serve at room temperature with bread (especially delicious on toasted bread), crackers or sliced vegetables. Leftovers can be used as a sandwich spread or thinned with a little olive oil and added to pasta.


Time: 10 minutes







Add artichoke hearts, green olives, olive oil, capers and garlic to the food processor.

Pulse or puree until smooth.

Taste and start with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch or two of salt. Blend again, taste and adjust seasoning as necessary.

Bon Appétit!