Buying a House in Provence: The first few steps…

The first few steps…Buying a House in Provence


Perhaps you have been renting a villa in Provence for years, or maybe all it took was one week of its earthly magic to take hold… either way, you can’t seem to shake the idea of having a place to call your own in this idyllic region.  Where do you begin?  It can be intimidating for a foreigner to navigate the ins and outs of the administrative process of buying a property in Provence. France is known for its fantastic wine and cheese, yet also for its maze of paperwork, complex rules, and tax regulations.

What could feel like a daunting process becomes a pleasure when working with the knowledgeable staff in the Real Estate Division of Only Provence, all of whom have first-hand knowledge and experience buying, renovating and renting properties in the region.


If you are thinking of purchasing in Provence, here are a few helpful criteria to consider at the outset of your search:

  • What type of property are you looking for?  farmhouse/ country house, village house or newer construction?
  • Do you hope to be walking distance to a village or town?
  • What type of village appeals to you— more active all year round, or quiet and quaint?
  • Are you in need of International schools?
  • Are you prepared to renovate?
  • Will you be considering villa rental for once you have purchased?

When to house-hunt?

Many of Provence’s fabulous properties are rented during the peak summer weeks between May and September, or are occupied by the owners themselves.  We suggest carving out a few dedicated days in the low season, either in April or October, when the houses are easily viewed and we can take our time exploring all of the available options for sale with you.  Since many of the properties also function as income producing vacation rentals in Provence, options to stay in the home offer an invaluable opportunity to experience a property first-hand prior to buying.

Matching you with the perfect location

It’s helpful to have an understanding the general lay of the land and the most notable corners of the region.  Inland Provence, excluding the Riviera,  can typically be divided into four main areas

Aix-en-Provence and surrounding areas

The Luberon Moutains

The Alpilles region

Avignon and surrounding areas

Each area within this highly sought after region of France will logically have its own unique spirit and personality.  With decades of combined experience working, living and managing properties in Provence, we can help guide you narrow down your criteria, identifying the right blend of country or village setting with proximity to what it most important to you, be it the quieter lifestyle found near Lourmarin or Goult, or a more lively one near the popular town of Saint Remy.

Are you prepared to renovate?

For many, the dream of owning in Provence involves experiencing some of what Peter Mayle describes with such candor as moves into a 200-year-old stone farmhouse in the Luberon.  It can be viewed almost as a right of passage when purchasing in Provence.  But for others, the priorities involve bypassing the time and patience required to navigate renovation to get on with the beauty of simply living there.

Whatever the visions are for owning your own slice of heaven in Provence, Only Provence is happy to guide you to your home.

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In The News Only Provence Expands Operations To Include Real Estate For Sale In Provence

In The News:

Only Provence Expands Operations To Include Real Estate For Sale In Provence


Los Angeles, California based company Only Provence has recently announced an expansion. As one of the leading providers of luxury villa rentals in Provence, France, the company is now expanding its operations to include real estate sales.

Real Estate For Sale Provence

For the past decade, Only Provence has focused uniquely on carefully growing its portfolio of distinct luxury vacation properties, which is now a collection of well-over 160 properties located near Provence’s most notable villages. Known for their high standards and only accepting homes with the ideal balance of authenticity, charm, amenities and staff, Only Provence is proud of its “best in class” reputation in Provence. They state that moving ahead into selling properties is something that has always been in the back of their minds, from the very beginning.

John Dean, the company’s founder, adds, “The move into real estate market was a natural one. The relationships we have developed over the past decade and the experience we have in luxury property obviously lends itself to real estate sales of these villas. This is something we have wanted to do for some time until now, yet the market conditions were not ideal. Now with strong foreign currency and a buyer’s market, the timing is simply right.”

Expansion seems to be in the company’s ethos. Soon after launching 10 years ago, Only Provence began coupling vacation rentals with high quality, local experiences such as wine tastings, cooking classes and truffle hunting. The company now has the largest network of regionally renowned regional chefs to cater to their ever growing upscale clientele.

“With higher stock markets, and a strengthening dollar vs. euro, Only Provence villa clients want to own their very own piece of paradise in Provence. The administrative process of buying a property in France can be intimidating to a foreigner. This is where we come in. We are happy to share what we learned ourselves many years ago,” states Dean.

Real Estate For Sale Provence


More about Only Provence can be seen on their official website at Those interested in looking at the properties in Provence that the company currently has available can see a complete listing at