Wine Cooperatives In South Of France

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In France every region has their own wine cooperative, called cave (pronounced with a soft a, like ‘ahhh’). In Provence, you can find caves in almost every village, large or small. As you explore the villages of the South of France, we recommend stopping in for a browse and tasting wherever you can. When you buy from the local wine cave, you are truly getting a taste of the terrrior of the region. Buy local, taste local! And the adage – what grows together, goes together could not be more true. Wine from the village, cheese from the village, bread from the village bakery – could there be a more wonderfully local, Provencal experience than that? Wine cooperatives started in the late 1800s, mostly out of economic necessity, and continue to flourish today. A wine cooperative essentially consists of a building with winemaking facilities and a wine shop. During the harvest...

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence on Market Day: A Tour for Your Senses

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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a hotspot for luxury villa rentals due to its proximity to the Luberon, Avignon, other quaint Provencal villages and the wide variety of amenities and services offered within the village. While on vacation in Provence, be sure to visit Saint-Rémy on a Wednesday to enjoy the market. Well known as one of the best in the region, the St-Rémy market has everything – fabric, clothing, flowers, ceramics as well as a plethora of produce and prepared food. Walking through the sprawling market is a nice tour of the old village, taking you past shops, musicians, art and historic buildings, but really it’s a tour for your senses. Fabrics are soft to the touch, art and pottery are colorful and visually striking, and the food, oh the food! The food section of the market is an expanse of wonderful scents and beautiful visuals. I dare you to not fill your tote with all...

Avignon Rose Festival

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Rose-growers from France and abroad showcase their newest roses at AlteraRosa in the Benoit XII cloister, a lovely courtyard at the Pope’s Palace in Avignon from May 29th to June 1st 2014. Other activities at this exhibition include floral art workshops, seminars on caring for and breeding roses as well as modern uses for the rose fragrance. Arrive in Avignon early any morning (except Monday) to stroll through the outdoor market, then head over to the Pope’s Palace for the roses, giving yourself enough time to enjoy lunch in town afterward. View More Tours In...

Soap Tour In Provence

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While you are planning your Provence Vacation one place that you will not want to miss is a tour to Marius Fabre Soap Factory, Soap Museum and Our Shop. Marius Fabre started up in the garden shed, where he set up two cauldrons and a few moulds. At that time, Salon-de-Provence was an extremely prosperous city, thanks to the commerce of oil, soap and coffee. The abundance of raw materials in Provence (olive oil in the Alpilles, soda and salt in the Camargue and oils (coco-nut and palm) coming in from the colonies via the port of Marseilles) had made possible the development of the soap-making industry The Famous Savon (soap) de Marseille  by Magnus Kilian The tradition lives on You cannot help but see it everywhere while visiting Provence –in the markets, small boutiques, on the shelves at local grocery stores…Like so many aspects of Provence life, it’s use goes back hundreds...