Yoga in Your Villa

About this tour

Sabrina Sadeghi Millecamps discovered yoga during her career as a professional snowboarder and has been practicing for more than 15 years. Trained in New York City, she is certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT-200) and has taught in New York and Paris before recently settling in Saint Rémy de Provence. She primarily teaches vinyasa or "flow" yoga: a dynamic style of hatha yoga which calms and centers the mind through awareness of the breath, builds focus, strength, and stamina through a sequence of asanas (physical poses or postures), and releases tension through deep stretches and total relaxation. More mindful than just a workout, the result is a moving meditation that that helps build strength, balance, and flexibility on both the inside and the outside.


Upon Request






95 euros for up to 2 people - private class
25 euros per person for additional


By credit card or cash on the day of your class


Classes are tailored to individual needs and students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. Individual and group instruction are available in the comfort of your villa, all materials (mats, blocks, straps, and bolsters) provided.


I am sure others have told you, but you are a terrific teacher, patient and understanding, informative and comprehendible, relaxing and most of all fun! We loved our sessions with you - very special and it was the most fabulous introduction to yoga we could have ever hoped to have had - Merci beaucoup! And a highlight of our 3 week trip.

We hope to see to return to st remy and see you again.

With very best wishes and many thanks