Eygalières Village: A Hidden Gem

A Hidden Gem….Eygalières Village

Each and every village in this beautiful region has its unique spirit. Some cling boldly to the side of hilltops, chock full of bustling cafés and boutiques, while others exude a quiet humility nestled into their vineyard valleys.

Eygalières is a small village on a hill in the Alpilles, not far from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. There’s a quiet charm to this special village, though it’s often overlooked for the more well-known. The views from the summit are spectacular Eyglières making it a favorite resting point for hikers and bikers taking advantage of the scenic trails through nearby olive groves and vineyards.

Eygalières is a popular destination among cycling enthusiasts, with many of its routes taking riders along small, picturesque paths through magnificent limestone landscapes awash with olive groves and vineyards.

History of Eygalières

It is presumed that the name Eygalières comes from Latin origins–Aqualeria which means “the place that collects water” in reference to the many springs around the village, some of which had the the reputation of healing. Since 1222, there has been a pilgrimage to the Chapel of Saint-Sixtes every Tuesday of Easter. Since the Middle Ages, the people of Eygaliérois have asked the Holy Pope to ward off the drought and the resulting consequences on the village of Eygalières and its surroundings.

What to See in Eygalières

Eygalières is an easily walkable village filled with quaint store fronts and beautiful stone houses, most with a touch of greenery. Everything you might need for the day can be found within a few steps – restaurants, bakery, market, butcher, wine and cheese.

Besides the Chapel of Saint-Sixtes, there aren’t a million things to do in this special place, but perhaps that is part of the charm, why it seems to steal every heart that passes through it. The Friday morning market has a hum—offering the finest of local cheese, produce and olive oils, yet without the frenzy found in other popular tourist towns. While you could walk the lengths of its gently winding cobblestone streets in under an hour, it would be a sacrilege to do so. Because what could be more enjoyable than simply wandering and wondering, lingering and lolloping…There is softness to the pace and rhythm in Eygalières, something that has you slowing down, soaking in every moment of every step you take— be in to the Café de la Place for a coffee or a glass of rosé.

Eygalieres Village

Be sure to wander up the main street of this lovely village and pay a visit to the old church on the crest, La Chapelle des Pénitents. Continue up the hill to explore the castle ruins, taking in the magnificent views and looking out over the plains below and across the Alpilles.Despite its understated charm, Eygalières boasts several very good restaurants on the main square. Cafe de la Place in the center of the village is worth a visit for its eclectic decor and neighborhood’s cast of characters. For an exceptional meal, try the Michelin starred Chez Bru.

Just outside the village is a spectacular tree-lined entrance to Domaine de Valdition. Stop in for a wine tasting or to pick up decorative and gourmet products at the boutique.Don’t forget to stop and see the famous 7th century Roman Chapelle de Saint Sixte, located on the Route d’Orgon between Eygalières and the National Route 7 (N7).

It’s hard to put into words what’s so wonderful about Eygalières. Perhaps it’s the way the sunlight hits the stone, orthe way the breeze passes through ever so gently. Or maybe it’s just the energy of the terroir. Whatever it is, there’s a warmth and peace to this village that shouldn’t be missed.

Where to Eat in Eygalières

While the village itself is quite small, this gem of a Provencal village is chock a block of great places to eat, ranging from casual to Michelin-starred establishments.

On the top of the “Must” list is Cafe de la Place as it is frequented by all of the locals. Stop by for a glass of wine or meal.

One of our favorites is Chez Paulette.

Another trendy spot is Bistro L’Aubergine .

Bistro Aubergine

For fine dining, visitors rave about Maison Hache which offers a truly memorable experience.

Where to Stay in Eygalières

Hotel Le Bastide Eygalières – friendly 15 bedroom hotel located just outside of town.

Domaine de la Pierre Blanche – Located in Eygalières, 24.1 km from Avignon, Domaine la Pierre Blanche has accommodations with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden and a shared lounge. 

Luxury Villa Rentals in Eygalières, France

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Where is Eygalières – Getting There

Eygalieres is situated in the Bouches-du-Rhone department and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It is located only 15 minutes from the very popular town of Saint Rémy de Provence.

We recommend renting a car to explore this exceptional village and its region, as it is not easily accessible by public transport. The main international airport, used by most European carriers, is Marseille (MRS), only 60km from Eygalières, roughly a 50 minute drive. If coming by TGV train (fastest), the closest option is to travel to Avignon TGV Station and drive to Eygalières (40-45 minutes). Below are the train times to the Avignon train station.

  • 2 hours 40 minutes from Paris
  • 3 hours from Roissy Charles de Gaulle
  • 1 hour from Lyon, and
  • 30 minutes from Marseille
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