Key Contacts

Sylvie Allan
Villa Rental Specialist Manager
All Inquiries Outside the Americas

Sarah Pernet
Villa Rental Specialist
All UK and Europe Inquiries

Kelly Bateman
Villa Rental Specialist
All Americas Inquiries 

What Happens:

Property Selection Our team will discuss your specific requirements week(s) desired, and purpose of your trip. If you have not already selected a property(ies), they will provide property recommendations to you.

Availability Check Once you have selected a property, one of our villa rental specialists will contact the owner to re-confirm property availability /rate.

Tourist Tax Only Provence collects and pays a tourist tax for a number of our properties. This tax is calculated based on the property location, number of 18+ adults and number of nights. If this tax applies to your property, you will be informed of the amount on booking. The tax is added to your total rental amount and paid in line with our payment process (see below).

Email Confirmation Once the property availability/rate has been re-confirmed, the villa rental specialist will send you an email confirming your property dates, rate and any other agreed extras that may have been discussed.