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The Beautiful Flowers Of Provence


Lavender, the iconic flower of Provence, is the image everyone conjures when dreaming of the south of France, though magnificent flowers bloom throughout the year. Whenever you choose to visit Provence, you’ll find a rainbow of colorful flowers to enjoy, from the brilliant yellow mimosas of winter, to the red poppies bursting in spring, through the famed lavender fields of summer — every new season brings with it a vibrant, multicolored landscape.

Wildflowers & Wild Herbs

Flowers are easily found almost any time of year. Wildflowers and wild herbs flourish year round in the Alpilles and Luberon regions of Provence, bringing various hues and tones to the hillsides. Daily markets feature cultivated flowers, making it possible to enjoy fabulous bouquets at your villa rental. Many villa gardens gorgeously spotlight regional flora.

Winter Flowers

Winter comes alive with yellow mimosas and purple irises. Don’t miss the beauty of the fruit tree blossoms — the white and pink of the almond tree, the pinks of the plum tree and the pale pink of the apricot tree blossom. Rosemary thrives in Provence, blooming from winter through spring in light purple.

Spring Flowers

Spring brings more fruit tree blossoms, hinting at the bounty summer will bring, from the palest pink of the apple tree to the warm pink of the peach tree and the white of the cherry tree blossom. Red poppies, prevalent in Monet’s works, grow as wildflowers throughout Provence. Peonies range from white to pink to yellow. Lavender colored wisteria flourishes in the sun. Yellow broom flowers emit the sweet smell of honeysuckle. Thyme blossoms in soft purple in spring and beyond.

Spring Flowers

Summer delivers what everyone’s been waiting for — gorgeous yellow sunflowers and lavish fields of lavender. Clusters of hyacinth grow in a range of colors throughout Provence, favoring olive groves and vineyards.

Provence Flowers Sunflowers

Flowers in the Fall

With Fall comes the fiery beauty of turning leaves on grape vines and fruit trees, showcasing dynamic oranges, reds and yellows.

The beautiful flowers of Provence have inspired many artists, perhaps most famously Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings of bright yellow sunflowers and gorgeous purple irises from his time in St. Remy. Come to Provence and see for yourself the glorious flowers that inspired Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet.

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