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Visiting Provence in Autumn: What to Expect

We have a lot of well-kept regional secrets here at Only Provence, but one we are more than happy to share is that fall in Provence is actually the most ideal time to come. Here’s what you can expect and why you need to visit!

Perfect Weather for Hiking and Biking

Still needing those last rays before the winter? The weather in Provence offers the best of both worlds, with comfortable sunny days alongside crisp mornings and evenings. You can expect temperatures from 16C / 60F – to 26C / 79F, which makes for ideal conditions for visitors wanting to stay active, hiking or biking on the region’s well-established trail system. Meals can still be eaten outside on terraces, and the chimneys are often lit in the evenings. 

Of course, you might encounter the odd cloudy day, even a spot of rain here and there, but remember this is Provence, where we get an average record-breaking 300 days of sun a year!

No Crowds and Affordable Prices

Can’t beat this combination. There is a notable decrease in the number of people visiting post-August 31st. The markets remain active but not crowded, and you can even dare to meander into restaurants without a reservation.  

When visiting outside the popular summer weeks, our clients enjoy lower prices in most of our beautiful villas.  Clients also enjoy greater availability in our most popular villas, oftentimes within walking distance from scenic villages.

Fall Harvest Months for Grapes and Olives

During the months of September through the beginning of October, Provence undergoes a strange transformation–as if awakening from a sleepy cicada buzzing summer snooze to bubbling anticipation of something very important.  Slowly, one notices activity within the vineyards that have been left alone to bask in the summer sun for months. Farmers begin to take over the roads as everyone awaits the beginning of the grape harvesting–La Vendange.

From November through December, the abundance continues, with the harvest shifting to olives.  Festivals and markets celebrating the harvest are found throughout the region.

A Photographers Paradise

For those who love photography, the autumn months bring with them a unique light—even the color of the stone on the ancient fortress walls of the villages seems to speak of change. The vistas from any of the popular hilltop towns become that much more stunning when the fields below are rich with fall hues. The markets continue to be full of life and color, with ripened end-of-season fruits and vegetables. Autumn in Provence is a photographer’s dream!

We are fans of every season here in Provence, but autumn offers a special magic we believe should definitely not be missed.

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