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Saint-Rémy-de-Provence on Market Day: A Tour for Your Senses

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is a hotspot for luxury villa rentals due to its proximity to the Luberon, Avignon, other quaint Provencal villages and the wide variety of amenities and services offered within the village.

While on vacation in Provence, be sure to visit Saint-Rémy on a Wednesday to enjoy the market. Well known as one of the best in the region, the St-Rémy market has everything – fabric, clothing, flowers, ceramics as well as a plethora of produce and prepared food. Walking through the sprawling market is a nice tour of the old village, taking you past shops, musicians, art and historic buildings, but really it’s a tour for your senses. Fabrics are soft to the touch, art and pottery are colorful and visually striking, and the food, oh the food!

St RemyThe food section of the market is an expanse of wonderful scents and beautiful visuals. I dare you to not fill your tote with all the fixings for an evening’s aperitif or an afternoon picnic! The bread smells warm and inviting, like it’s just come from the oven, the olives glisten, the produce is bright and fresh and the fruit smells so sweet it could be candy. The strawberries from Carpenteras are a personal favorite. I also love stopping by the spice vendors – the aromas are so fragrant and tantalizing I envision my next flavorful meal as I move from one end of the booth to the other, inhaling and day-dreaming. Many of the vendors offer samples and you should definitely try everything! If you like cooking, this market is foodie heaven. And if you don’t feel like cooking, you can pick up some of the wonderful prepared items – tapenade, cured meats, preserves, local honey and don’t forget the cheese! So many delicious cheeses to choose from!

Arrive early, before 10am, to avoid the crowds. Parking can be a little tricky, but there are a few lots just outside the ring road that require only a few minutes walk to the market and village.

Saint Remy de Provence Joel Durand

After strolling the market, peruse the shops and stop by one of the many restaurants for a coffee or a glass of rosé, perhaps Le Bistrot des Alpilles. For a nice lunch, try Le Bistrot Decouverte or La Gousse d’Ail. If you’ve somehow managed to get through the market without purchasing cheese, be sure to go to the fabulous La Cave aux Fromage – you can even have lunch there! To appease your sweet tooth, you absolutely must visit Joël Durand Chocolatier or the nearby sweets shop, Le Petit Duc. Both boutiques offer samples and they are delicious!

If you’re up for sightseeing, head over to the Saint-Paul Asylum to admire the scenery that inspired some of Van Gogh’s most famous works. You can also take a tour of Glanum, Roman ruins just outside the village of Saint-Rémy.

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